Once upon a time, there was a boy named Hercules. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. He was a strong boy and Hades despised him.  He sent some minions to turn him human. While they gods were sleeping the minions snuck up to Mount Olympus. The potion used to turn Hercules into a mortal, required Hercules to drink the WHOLE potion. When the fed him the potion someone woke up and was coming into the room. The minions left and there was one tiny drop of the potion, so Hercules didnt turn completly mortal. He grew up a clumsy boy then he met a goat man  named Phil. Fast forward, and Phil taught Hercules how to be a hero. Fast forward, Hercules first test of being a hero was killing the hhydra. It was a tough battle because whenever he kilt a head, more heads grew back. Finally Hercules, destroyed a mountain and it crushed the hydra. When it died the body scatterd and produced unwanted flowers. That is the story of how weeds came.


I think Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream Speech” and William Ernest Henly’s “Invictus” poem are much alike. The similarity is that both speak of freedom. The difference is “Invictus” speaks of freedom over yourself, while “I Have A Dream” wants freedom for African Americans. The poem was important for Mandela because when he became president for Africa, he wanted freedom for the African American’s.

The 3rd Entry…

There is alot of rising action like the guy that was supected as the cat killer, really wasn’t the killer because he was described as looking like a bulldog. But they saw the cat guy and the bulldog standing next to each other. So back to the drawing board. I think that the climax was when Sammy was told that she was actually JUST turning 13. Now Sammy alrewady thought she was 13. She was ooking forward to turning 14, but she was in kindertgarten twice. Resolution….I dont know, I’m not done with the book.