First Book Entry

Elgin here again. I am here with my first blog entry about how I like the book so far and the setting and stuff so here it goes. I actually enjoy the book so far the setting is Sammy’s grandma senior home, but she actually shouldn’t be staying there. The characters are: Sammy, her mom, Grams, Holly, Vera, Meg, El Gato, Tornado Tony, Hudson Graham, the kitty lady, and Slammin Dave. The conflicts are man vs. man (Sammy vs. Mom, Sammy vs. Kitty lady, and Sammy vs. Heather)

My Mystery Book

Hello readers, It’s Detective Elgin. I am here with my book that I am reading for my project. It is called Sammy Keyeand the Pyscho Kitty Queen. It is pretty intresting so far. Back on topic. The author of the book is Wendelin Van Drannen. She is the author of the whole series. Here is her picture.elgin's author

Here is the book cover.elgin's book coverThat is all.

Detective Elgin signing off….for now MUAHHH HAHAHAHA!!!!!

Mystery Project

Ok, right now I’m listening to “I’ll Sue Ya” by the greatest parody artist. Guess who? 😀 Back on topic. In Ms. Seeley’s class we have a mystery project to do. All the information I know is that we need a mystery book for this project. I will post regular updates to make it sound epic.

Detective Roshell, signing off

What Makes Me

I am Alabamian, because I was born right here in Huntsville, on October 12. I am now 13 and living life good!!!! I love to hang out with my friends (you know who you are). This may sound weird but I do like shopping for GUY clothes. I have a pretty simple life. I always am myself and never act like someone else (unless I’m impersinating someone). I have big hands and feet. I were size 12 in shoes. And that’s pretty much all I have to say!!!

Fall Break (Day 2)

I didn’t get to post this yesterday because I forgot. So yesterday, I woke up and went to church for about 2 hours. Then I came back home and played Madden 08, NFL Street 3 (PSP), SSBB*, and Guitar Hero 5 (Wii). I ate lunch and played more games. Then around 5:30 me and my friends went back to church for Teen Time*. Ended at 7:30 and then we went back home. Played games, then ate and showered, and that was my day! *Comment to find out what it is…

Fall Break (Day 1)

Today on the first day of Fall Break, I did some fun things! First, after I woke up, eat breakfast, blah blah blah. I went to my Aunt’s house, and from there me and 8 other aunts/uncles/cousins went to the Alabama A&M VS. Gramling St. game right here in Huntsville. It lasyed about 3 hours and sadly A&M lost 25-23. But they put up a good fight. After the game we went back to my aunt’s house and I watched some of the Florida@Alabama game. Then, lastly I went to Shoe Department and got me some new shoes!!! (you can see them on Monday after we come back. hint hint)

Fall Break

Today Fall break starts at 3 o’ clock! Im either going to Atlanta, Birmingham, Pelham, or staying here. On 10-10-10 I will be taking tons of pictures of me, skateboarding and playing video games.

Easy As Pie Steps Towards Getting A Revolver Map

Hey everybody out there, who just found my blog. Now I can know where you are in the world with my Revolver Map. If you want to know how to get a Revolver Map, follow these easy steps. 

First, Click Here.

Second, get whatever map you want.

Third, customize your map. 

Fourth, copy the HTML code that they give you.

Last, go to your dashboard, then widgets, then find text widgets, paste the HTML code, and now you have a Revolver Map.

First First Post About Old Yeller



OK…So I read Old Yeller as my summer reading book (not as enrichment reading because I didn’t know I was going  to be in advanced english)…So the book was about a boy named Travis who lives with his Mom and Dad and litlle brother, Arliss. At the beginning of the book, Travis’ dad goes away to travel. While his dad is gone, Travis has to look after the mom and brother. Arliss is always getting into trouble. One day Arliss was in the pond that they get their water from with a dirty dog. Arliss wanted to keep it very badly and his mama let him. At first Travis didn’t like the dog but gradually bonded with him. He would always take Old Yeller with him hunting. Meanwhile, there was a disease, called hydrophobia, among the animals (and people) that made them go PHSYCO BALLISTIC until they/it died. Unfortunately, one day when Travis’ mom and Travis’ friend Lizbeth where out getting firewood with Old Yeller, about two wolves attacked and Old Yeller protected the mom and Lizbeth. Travis’ mom said the wolves had dreaded hydrophobia and attacked Yeller dog. They couldn’t take any risks so, sadly, Travis shot Yeller dog between the eyes with a twelve-gauge shotgun. At the end (did I forget to mention Lizbeth gave Arliss a puppy?) the puppy ended up being like Yeller dog in different ways, and Travis’ dad returned home. This is the end of this wonderful post. Comment if you agree!!!!!!